IDMC Calf Milk Feeding Bottle

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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IDMC Calf Milk Feeding Bottle with high quality and latest calf feeding bottles in bulk for your dairy farms or milk plants to feed calves. They come with nipples – made of natural rubber to provide them the softness of Mother Cow’s nipple touch.

  • Before you start using it, make sure to cover the hole on the side of the bottle.
  • This bottle makes it easy to feed newborns because it has a valve for controlling milk flow.
  • It’s designed for supplying milk, medicine, or other liquids to calves.
  • It’s also a great tool for gradually weaning small animals from their mothers.
  • It holds enough for daily consumption by calves.
  • The bottle body is made of high-quality plastic that’s thick, safe, healthy, and durable for long-term use.
  • The nipple can be detached for easy cleaning, ensuring it stays clean and sanitary.
Product Details:
  • Useful for gradually weaning young animals from their mothers.
  • Provides enough milk for daily consumption by calves.
  • Made of high-quality, thickened plastic for safety and durability.
  • Features a detachable nipple for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Material: Plastic bottle and rubber nipple

Product Life : 2 Years

Weight: 280 gm

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