Cowfit Pashu Svasth PSF GOLD FANKI 500 Gm

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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Cowfit Pashu Svasth PSF GOLD FANKI 500 Gm

A Natural home remedies for all stomach related problems in Animal -Less grazing of Animals, Drinking Less Water, reducing Chewing, Indigestion, Bloating, deed in The Eyes, Worms in The Stomach, smell in Dung and Bad Breath, Made by 100% Natural Herbs. Dosage method: For cows, buffaloes and horses, feed 50 grams in the morning, 50 grams in the evening, 100 grams in the morning and 100 grams in the evening for camels, mix jaggery with water and ANIMAL FEED.

Note: – Healthy animal also protects from diseases related to udder If you keep giving this Fanki to your animal, then your animal will always be healthy. We are manufacturers of Pashu Svasth products and it comprises of natural herbs. We’ll help you make sure your ANIMAL is happy, healthy and taken care of. We won’t let you down. Pashu svasth products is a natural supplement which helps in improving immunity, provides complete nutrition to the body and improving the health of animals, It has no side effect. It is all natural and best result.. Pashu Svasth Products is very useful for animals .Forget about your animal’s health, contact Yogesh Pansari and get the best possible solution for your animals.

Grade Standard :Feed Grade

Country of Origin : Made in India ( 100% Organic )

Packaging Type : 500gm Bag





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