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Yes, but on Google play store only


1: 1 Service Promise : Compliant registration in 1 hour and resolution in 2-3 working days 24*7 customer support 1 year product warranty

Post payment confirmation, it takes 2-5 days to reach the device at your place, then our Service Team will schedule a meeting over call for Installation. Overall, it will take 10-15 days for installation at your place.

No, currently not available

Our on boarding team will create user id and password within 30 minutes post installation

Device, SIM Card, Gateway, Annual subscription cost (Desktop + App) and Installation

One can buy through website, or by email order The payments need to be done through payment gateway on website or by QR Code /NEFT /RTGS if ordered through email. 100% advance payment

The benefits of our solution include 1.Maintianing ассurate reсоrds to develop the Cattle genome 2.Reаl-time deсisiоn-mаking through provide instant alerts to farmers on cattle health 3.Imрrоves lаbоur efficiency by providing guided inputs to manage cattle herd 4.Deсreаses mediсаtiоn аnd lаbоur соsts fоr siсk соws 5.Imрrоves Cattle lоngevity 6.Imрrоves Cоmfоrt for Cattle 7.Imрrоves Cоnсeрtiоn rаte

Simple, easy to use multi lingual Mobile App and Web App Built in Machine Learning and AU driven Insights for improved prediction accuracy Easy to Install Plug and Play Solution using BLE (Blue Tooth Lowe energy Technology) Cost effective solution with no hidden costs 24*7 Service support and Care management of herd Unique and exclusive features including Activity, Heat and Health alerts compared to competition First of its kind Metaverse Application for increased engagement level with farmers and dairy owners

Yes, Rs.1000 per cow from 2nd Year Onward

Our Product is named Ayushman (in Sanskrti means health and longevity). It enhances health of cattle with the help of collar-based sensor which can be placed on neck of cattle at a predefined zone and we can monitor cattle health parameters through a Dashboard/Mobile Application with help of IoT technology. This sensor measures various Cattle parameters like Rumination (%), Body Temperature, Standing/Sitting, Activity level, Heat Cycle, Lameness and GPS Location of the cattle. Data is routed to a cloud server and processed using AI based analytics models with custom algorithms. It provides timely alerts on various health and heat condition of the cattle. These alerts are provided through a simple and easy to use mobile app and web browser. Farmers use these notifications for enhancing productivity and predicting diseases of the cattle.

1 year product warranty

Normally its Airtel, if required we can provide SIM of any other service provide like VI or Jio

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