Cowfit Pashu Svasth MINERAL MIXTURE

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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Cowfit Pashu Svasth MINERAL MIXTURE

MINARAL MIXTURE (KHANIZ MISHRAN ) -Made by Natural Herbs for Fulfills the deficiency of Vitamins,timely pragnency of cow/buffalo,Help to maintain Cattle weight,Increase Milk and fat,Help into Physical Growth of Animal,Growth of UDDAR,Reduce Intercalving period, Reduces the risk of Acidosis and Mastitis,Repeat Breeding Syndrome,Prevents abortion and still Birth In pragnent Cow/Buffalo,Improves the Rumen Microbial performance and helps the betterfiber digestibility,Helful for Anoestrum,under developed Genetalia (UDG),For prevention of postpartum complications like retained placenta,Metritis,Mastitisetc,Also Helpul in Maintain lactating Curve.

For improve immunity– Make bones strong– Complete Healthy Diet – Restore Vitamins and Minerals.Keep the body cool- Keep away from infection SAFEDA DALNA) Dosage method– MIX 50gm to 100gm of Mineral Mixture with water or ANIMAL FEED and serve two times (Morning and evening ) on daily basis. INGREDIENTS :- Vitamin & minerals , Di calcium phosphate , live yeast, sitaver , white cumin , ashwagandha etc We are manufacturers of Pashu Svasth products and it comprises of natural herbs.We’ll help you make sure your ANIMAL is happy, healthy and taken care of. We won’t let you down. Pashu svasth products is a natural supplement which helps in improving immunity, provides complete nutrition to the body and improving the health of animals,It has no side effect. It is all natural and best result.. Pashu svasth Products is very useful for animals .Forget about your animal’s health

Grade Standard :Feed Grade

Country of Origin : Made in India ( 100% Organic )

Packaging Type : 1 kg Bag





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