IDMC Teat Dip Cup

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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IDMC Teat Dip Cup, is designed completely according to the breast shape (cavity shape) of the cow/buffalo. It has the massage function and can promote lactation. The design is novel and simple. The medicament does not return, and it can keep the medicament fresh and sterilized effectively. It is made with good material, will be durable and easy to use.


  • Just by gently pressing, it can effectively kill bacteria on the nipple, form a protective film, prevent bacterial invasion, and effectively prevent mastitis.
  • How to use it: First, pour the medicine into a cup holding 300ml or less. Then, place the blue-colored cup on top of it. Next, combine the two cups together. After that, gently press the bottle from the bottom of the cup. This action will fill the medicine in it, and the medicine will not flow back down.
  • Once you’ve filled the medicine, comfortably place it on the cow or buffalo’s udder. The medicine will then coat the udder, providing protection.
  • IDMC Teat Dip Cup is used for disinfecting cow/buffalo teats before milking.
  • Simple design with two chambers: clear plastic lower chamber and an upper cup.
  • Fill the lower chamber with teat dip and attach the upper cup.
  • Applying pressure to the lower chamber pushes the liquid into the upper chamber, facilitating teat washing.
  • IDMC Teat Dip Cup is an affordable and efficient way to reduce bacteria on teat skin pre and post-milking.
Product Details:
  • A single inner tube, non return design ensures clean, full strength chemical for each cow’s/buffalo’s teats.
  • Deep inner liner prevents contaminated dip from returning to reservoir bottle, helping to control the spread of mastitis.
  • IDMC Teat Dip Cup ensures optimal hygiene for cow/buffalo’s teats post-milking and processing.
  • IDMC Teat Dip Cup prevents bacteria from entering the teat canal.
  • Non-return valve prevents solution from flowing back.
  • IDMC Teat Dip Cup acts as a barrier against bacteria, forming a protective film on the teats.


Material: Plastic bottle

Product Life : 2 Years

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