Cowfit Govardhan Single Bucket Milking Machine (Model MT-03)

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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Cowfit Govardhan Single Bucket Milking Machine (Model MT-03)

Best suited for 1-15 Cows /Buffalos  

Cowfit Govardhan Milking Machine meant for Cow/Buffalo with Excellent Quality of Milking Bucket and Robust design. It’s easy to operate at Low Maintenance cost and optimize the milk production capacity.  

 This Milking machine takes out 90-95% milk, 10-100ml milk remains in udder that has to milk manually. 10-15% rise in milk production. The animal gets the feeling of calf is sucking the milk. This results in milk being taken out smoothly. 

A Make in India Initiative and Inbuilt with most advanced technology on affordable prices 

  • It takes 5 to 6 minutes to milk a cow by machine.  
  • It takes 6 to 7 minutes to milk a buffalo by machine.  
  • Works on Inverter also. 


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