Cowfit Allflex Microchip GI ( 12mm )

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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Biocompatible glass tag, 100% safe & reliable for the small animals. 

RFID Transponder (Passive) for subcutaneous injection to small animal

ISO 11784/85 as well as ICAR certified with NON-SHARED Manufacturing codes

This product is currently distributed in many countries over several continents to Veterinary clinics, pet federations. It ensures that your pet’s identification is never lost, stolen, removed or compromised in any way.

Technical features:

Size 12mm x 2.12mm diameter

Encoded with Allflex manufacturer code (982)

Reading distance up to 10-15cm

Specifications : Proposed specs

Norms : ISO 17784/17785 FDX B

Operating Frequency : 134.2KHZ

Operation temperature : -25°C to +85°C

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