Transform Your Dairy with the Cowfit Govardhan Single Bucket Milking Machine

cow milking machine

Milk is the essential commodity that fuels successful dairy operations. However, manually milking cows demands significant time and labor. The revolutionary Cowfit Govardhan Single Bucket Milking Machine (Model MT-02) offers a smart automation solution to transform small and medium dairy farms. In this blog, we’ll explore how this innovative “Made in India” cow milking machine can maximize productivity and profits.

Introducing Cowfit Govardhan – Leader in Indian Dairy Solutions

Cowfit Govardhan, from parent company Ayushman, is an emerging leader in dairy equipment tailored for Indian farms. Their focus is bringing automation technology within the affordable reach of small producers. The Cowfit Govardhan Single Bucket Milker epitomizes this goal. Priced at just ₹20,500, it delivers efficient mechanized cow milking packed with features. This compact bucket-style cow milking machine is ideal for dairies with 1-5 cows or buffaloes. Let’s examine what sets this milker apart.

Optimized Design for Indian Dairy Farms 

This electric cow milking machine uses a stainless steel 10 liter bucket with rubber liner and pulsating vacuum pump. The 0.25 HP pump provides 50-60 pulsations per minute to mimic natural sucking. This gently extracts milk while preventing teat injuries or stress. The portable powder-coated steel frame allows easy movement between cows.

The 1.2 meter milk hose drains into a 20 liter collection tank. The simple control panel enables one person to operate it safely. This optimized Indian design suits local conditions and requirements at an affordable cow milking machine price point.

Unmatched Milk Yield and Production Gains

The pioneering technology of the Cowfit Govardhan cow milking machine delivers unmatched results:

– Extracts 90-95% of milk from the udder in just 5-6 minutes per cow

– Increases daily milk output by 10-15% over manual milking 

– The calf-like vacuum gives cows comfort for better let down

– Gently removes all milk including last residuals manual milking leaves behind

By maximizing extraction, dairy farms can increase their total milk production and revenues. The portability also allows milking more cows in a fraction of time compared to manual labor.

Labor Savings to Improve Efficiency 

Manually milking cows is a laborious process requiring 1-2 dedicated workers per cow. The Cowfit Govardhan milker slashes this demand allowing milk production with minimal labor. One person can machine milk multiple cows in the time it takes to hand milk one cow.

This liberates farm laborers for other productive tasks. The reduction in labor costs also improves overall dairy efficiency and margins. The savings allow the affordable cow milking machine to pay for itself within months. 

Enhanced Milk Quality and Udder Health

Machine cow milking is more sterile versus manual milking prone to contamination. The closed system prevents bacteria from hands, pails, environment etc from impacting milk quality. Higher hygiene standards result in better milk composition. 

The Cowfit Govardhan’s pulsations also avoid overmilking injuries. This reduces risk of mastitis infections which plague milk quality and cow health. Improved udder health means cows stay productive over longer lifespans.

Simple and Rugged “Made in India” Construction 

This cow milking machine is designed for durability and minimal maintenance. The steel frame resists farm conditions while the vacuum pump operates reliably with basic upkeep. Solar inverters can power the machine where electricity is limited.

The automated process is simple to use after basic training. Teat cups attach in seconds, the pump turns on, and milk flows into the collection tank. This rugged milking machine for cows is built to deliver consistent hassle-free performance for years on Indian dairy farms.

Empower Your Dairy with Automated Milking Technology

The Cowfit Govardhan Single Bucket Milking Machine represents a transformative leap in dairy technology for modern Indian farms. By mimicking calf sucking, it gently optimizes milk extraction from each cow while boosting productivity and quality. The portable compact bucket milker delivers game changing benefits like:

– Significantly increased milk yields

– Tremendous labor cost savings 

– Improved milk quality and udder health

– Higher revenue and profits

For just an affordable cow milking machine price of ₹20,500, dairy producers can mechanize milking operations for exponential gains in efficiency and production. Step into the future by empowering your dairy with this innovative milking technology proudly “Made in India”. Transform the growth trajectory of your farm with the Cowfit Govardhan Single Bucket Milking Machine today.

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