GPS Tracker for Milk Tankers / Van SN005 (wired)

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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GPS Tracker for Milk Tankers / Van SN005 (wired)

SN005 is a compact & smart tracking wired solution with Bluetooth connectivity and integrated backup battery. It is used mostly by the Cold Chain Logistic Industries meant for Perishable Products like Dairy Products & Medicines. It comes with a digital I/O interface which is connected to the API and an ignition sensor built in battery which can prompt and immobilize the vehicle, even if the power line is cut.This device supports temperature/humidity sensors, hands-free, firmware and configuration update via Bluetooth. The Cold chain logistics differs from regular supply chains as well, due to sensitivity of products, customized logistics hardware, complex packaging, temperature-controlled transport,handling and many other such requirements. The other basic features come with this product are Real-time tracking, Harsh Breaking Alerts, Stoppage and Idling report, Geo-fencing, Route replay and Tracking History.

Material: Plastic + Metal

  • Real-time tracking
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring /Reports
  • Analog Fuel Monitoring/Reports
  • Harsh Breaking and Acceleration detection /alerts
  • Stoppage and Idling report
  • Geo-fencing
  • Route replay
  • Tracking History
  • Bluetooth

Product Life: 4-5 Years

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