Cow Weight Measuring Tape in India

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Cow weight measuring tape is used to determine the live weight of CATTLE. The process is very simple to determine the weight, the chest circumference of the animal is measured behind the humps of the elbow joints. After measuring the circumference in cm one can measure the live weight in kg on the tape with almost 99% accuracy.


  • The cattle weight tape is a thick, durable, vinyl-coated fiberglass that accurately determines the weight of cattle in kilograms.
  • Retractable adhesive tape automatically by pressing the button on the case for convenient use.
  • Cattle print tape measures on one side, kg on the back in English. You can refer to the perimeter of the Cattle and the corresponding weight, in order to know the body weight of the Cattle.
  • The total length of the weight measuring tape is 2.5 meters. The weight range for HF Cows is 35 kg to 1000 kgs.
  • Can be used for measuring Weights of Cows, Horses, Buffaloes, Goats, Dogs, Pigs etc .99% Proven Accuracy.

Product Life: 3 Years

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4 reviews for Cow Weight Measuring Tape in India

    gurmukh Singh


    Shivaji Nikam


    Sushil Patil

    Nice product and delivered in short time.



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