Cowfit Cattle dairy farm Interlock Mat, Natural Rubber Mat for Animals

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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 Cowfit Interlock Cow Mat provides unparalleled comfort for your dairy herd and replicating the natural conditions found in pastures. It is very important to have good quality bedding so that cattle can painlessly lie down whenever it wants. This Interlocking Rubber Cattle mats provide your cattle with premium comfort solution that encourages them to follow their natural behavior of drinking, eating and resting.


  • These comfortable mats encourage the cattle to lie down for hours on it thus increasing milk yield and weight gain. It increases blood supply to teats and udders. Improves Udder, Leg & Claw health. Reduces laminitis & lameness. Increases milk yield & quality. Encourages to stand during urination. Highly shock absorbents. Easy to clean. Increases productivity & profitability.

Material: Rubber

Product Life : 2 to 3 Years

Product Weight:  30 to 50 kg

Size :

6 x 5 x 14 mm

6 x 5 x 16 mm

6 x 5 x 17 mm



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