Combo Offer Shampoo with Grooming Brush

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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Combo Offer Shampoo with Grooming Brush

Cowfit Cattle Shampoo is an excellent product with active ingredients made to use directly on dairy cattle. Our Shampoo is carefully formulated with naturally based cleaning agents and enriched with moringa Aloe Vera Rosemary and virgin coconut oi. + Cowfit Grooming Hand Glove for Cattle hair remover gloves conveniently remove excess hair and reduce shedding. It is gentle and efficient. Use Cattle grooming gloves during the bath to make it easier to wash your animal. Our Cattle brush glove gently massages your cattle while cleaning . Quality materials, the cattle glove is made of high quality latex rubber, which are sturdy and durable, gentle and safe for cows to use. The most obvious importance is in reduction of the number of parasites and micro organisms on the cow’s body.

Usage of combo offer shampoo with Grooming Brush

  • It protects cattle from nuisance of ticks, fleas and lice to ensure a healthy, shiny and luxurious appearance for cattle. It is enriched with ayurvedic ingredient and ectoparasiticidal in nature
  • Cowfit Grooming Hand Glove used to remove dust particles, grease, parasites and micro organisms from the cattle’s body. As well as to provide a soothing sensation to the them.

Material: Ayurvedic Ingredients, Latex Rubber


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