Ear Tag Applicator

Brand: Ayushman Cowfit

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Ear Tag Applicator

This applicator is highly recommended for keeping the track of all types of cattle in farmhouses. It is of premium quality stainless steel spring and centre shaft durable without rust, handle feel comfortable, easy to operate. Its reasonable design according to the human palm, flip-pin feature, automatic lock and easy to operate thus designed to minimize injury to the animal’s ear.

Material:  Aluminium and Metal

Usage: This Tag Applicator is a reliable tool for the identification of full-grown animals. The automatic lock system lets you save time and energy, and one can operate it efficiently on any animal. This applicator with the flip-pin feature is designed to minimize injury to the animal’s ear. Pin flips forward if the animal pulls away during the application. Comes with 1 removable black clip and 2 blunt pins.

Product Life: 3 Years

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