Areete Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

Areete Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is a early stage startup formed in July 2021 and started Operations in Oct 2021. The company is involved in developing IoT Based Solutions for Dairy Farming, Agritech and Logistics Sectors.

The first product being fully developed indigenously by Areete is its IoT based Cattle Health and Heat Monitoring Solution. This product is now supported by Science and Technology Park as part of Startup India Seed Fund.

Our Product is named Ayushman (in Sanskrti means health and longevity).  It enhances health of cattle with the help of collar based sensor which can be placed on neck of cattle at a predefined zone and we can monitor cattle health parameters through a Dashboard/Mobile Application with help of IoT technology.

This sensor measures various Cattle parameters like Rumination (%), Body Temperature, Standing/Sitting, Activity level, Heat Cycle, Lameness and GPS Location of the cattle. Data is routed to a cloud server and processed using AI based analytics models with custom algorithms. It provides timely alerts on various health and heat condition of the cattle. These alerts are provided through a simple and easy to use mobile app and web browser. Farmers use these notifications for enhancing productivity and predicting diseases of the cattles.


The benefits of our solution include

1.Eаsy and ассurаte reсоrd keeрing and developing the Cattle genome

2.Reаl-time deсisiоn-mаking to provide instant alerts to farmers on cattle health

3.Imрrоved lаbоur effiсienсy by providing guided inputs to manage cattle herd

4.Deсreаsed mediсаtiоn аnd lаbоur соsts fоr siсk соws.

5.Imрrоved сattle lоngevity

6.Imрrоved соmfоrt for cattle

7.Imрrоved соnсeрtiоn rаte


Integrated E commerce website for easy buying of all required products and accessories for your Farm

  1. Buy any product online by a click of a button from the comfort of your home and we will deliver it to your doorstep with all support for installation
  2. Select items and accessories needed for improving the cattle health and welfare
  3. Seek assistance for any other support you need and connect with the experts for guidance


The team behind this development:

This product and all related products are developed by a team of experts across various fields including 

  1. Experts from Hardware development with more than 20+ years of experience in developing innovative products
  2. IIT Professors and students from IIT developing the cutting-edge algorithm for providing accurate and timely insights
  3. Industry experts with more than 30 years experience in Product development and Business Management
  4. Agricultural experts form NDRI, ADT Baramati, Corporates who have validated the requirements and the solution development with their insights and expertise


Simple, Easy to use
multi lingual Mobile App and web app
Machine Learning
Built in Machine Learning and AU driven Insights for improved prediction accuracy
Easy to Install
Easy to Install Plug and Play Solution using BLE (Blue Tooth Lowe energy Technology)
Cost effective
Cost effective solution with no hidden costs
24*7 Support
24*7 Support available for Service support and Care management of herd
Health alerts
Global First features including Activity, Heat and Health alerts
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